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LXPB-360*260 LCD Frozen separator machine, LXPB-360*260 冷冻分离机

产品名称:LXPB-360*260 LCD Frozen separator machine, LXPB-360*260 冷冻分离机




At present, there are 3 kinds of methods (molybdenum wire cutting, liquid nitrogen freezing and refrigerator freezing) which are regularly used in LCD screen reworking industry.


The efficiency of the molybdenum wire cutting method is very low and the relevant yield rate of LCD refurbishment is also very low.


If users adopt liquid Nitrogen to separate the LCD screens, the consumption of liquid Nitrogen is too large and LCD screen explosion phenomenon will occur at any moment. On the other hand, injury hidden danger exists on the liquid Nitrogen during the LCD screen separating process.


Compared with the above mentioned 2 methods, LXBX series ultra low temperature frozen separator machine has many advantages in the LCD screen separation field. Its later use-cost is much lower than liquid Nitrogen, and it is also much more convenient and safer. In view of these advantages, LXBX series ultra low temperature frozen separator machine has been adopted by many LCD manufacturers and LCD maintenance enterprises because of its high yield rate of LCD refurbishment, low use-cost, no danger and other excellent characteristics as follows:


1.) Ease of operation,one-button start, high precision intelligent temperature control system,rapidly reach to the preset temperature.

1.) 操作方便,一键启动,高精度智能温控系统,快速达到预设温度。

2.) Imported advanced refrigeration compressor and accessories, can run continuously for 24 hours, more stable refrigeration performance.

2.) 采用进口先进的制冷压缩机及附件,可连续运行24小时,制冷性能更稳定。

3.) Equipped with double sealing treatment top opening door and super thick thermal insulation layer box body, excellent thermal insulation performance,effectively reduce the loss of cooling capacity and greatly ensure the working temperature, energy saving, easy to operate.

2.) 配有双层密封处理顶开门和超厚保温层箱体,保温性能优良,有效降低了冷却能力的损失,极大地保证了工作温度、节能、易操作。

4.) Safety electricity protection system equipped with ground wire, over heat protection, short circuit protection, over current protection, high & low voltage protection, reverse phase lack protection etc. Greatly ensure users’safety.

4.)配备有接地线、过热保护、短路保护、过流保护、高低电压,反向,缺相保护等安全用电保护系统, 极大地的保证用户安全。

5.) Easy to operate, can provide operation instruction, pictures and videos for users.

5.) 操作简单,可为用户提供操作指导,图片和视频。

6.) Compared with heater vacuum separator, ultra-low temperature frozen LCD separator can help you easily solve your headache about bulk volume separating workload and edge screen separating, it can also peel off a lot of OCA, LOCAglue except for SCA glue.

6.) 与加热器真空分离器相比,超低温冷冻LCD分离器可帮助您轻松解决巨量的分离工作量和边缘屏幕分离的难题,除了SCA胶水之外,它还可以剥离很多OCALOCA胶。

7.) No need to change the polarizer film.

7.) 不需要更换偏光片

8.) Can keep the back-light (be careful, easily damaged), also can take off theback-light.

8.) 可以保留背光(小心,容易损坏),也可以取下背光。

9.) High efficiency. No components damage during the LCD module separating process.

9.) 效率高, 在液晶模块分离过程中没有元件损坏。

Operation Instructions: 操作说明

1.) Before using, it will take the machine around 3040 minutes to cool to the set working temperature.

1.) 使用前,要花大约30~40分钟左右让机器冷却至设定工作温度。

2.) Place the LCD screen on the frozen plate.

2.) 将液晶屏放置在冷冻板上。

3.) Freezing time from 30 seconds to 1 minute depends on different LCD screens.

3.) 冻结时间从30秒到1分钟取决于不同的液晶屏幕。

4.) Take out LCD screen and separate it.

4.) 取出液晶屏并将其分开。

5.) Below is the URL of youtube video link for your reference:

5.) 以下是优酷视频链接的URL,供您参考:


Tips: 提示

1.) For serious crushed glass, please stick a tape on glass for safety and good for machine

1.) 如有严重碎玻璃,请在玻璃上贴上胶带,以确保安全及对机器有利。

2.) Please make sure the operator wears gloves in case of danger.


3.) It is much easier to separate out the bracket and other components after freezing processing. Please pay attention to the back-light water inlet.

3.) 在冷冻处理后,更容易分离出支架和其它部件。请注意背光入水口。

4.) After separating the LCD screen, pay attention to the water treatment and temperature recovery.

4.) 液晶屏分离后,注意水的处理和温度的回收。

5.) When separating the curved screen, the separation risk caused by the temperature difference between 2 sides of the curved surface screen. Please pay more attention to this point.

5.) 曲线筛分离时,由于曲面屏两侧温差引起的分离风险。请注意这一点。

6.) After LCD separation, please put the glue side upward to avoid sticking on the article surface after the temperature return to the normal.

6.) 液晶显示器分离后,请将胶水侧向上放置,以避免杂物粘在胶水表面上,并且让屏温度恢复正常。

Product Parameters:

Product description
LXPB-360*260 LCD Separator Machine
Appearance overall size(MM)
Actual size of frozen(MM)
Working voltage/frequency
220V/50HZ, 220V/60HZ
2.8 Kw
Cooling performance
No-load pre-cooling time
Environmental mixed refrigerants
Cooling way
Air cooling
Environment temperature
Lead time Within 3 days


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